image Simon Lichtenberg (@SimLichtenberg) | Twitter

Simon Lichtenberg (@SimLichtenberg) | Twitter

Simon Lichtenberg (@SimLichtenberg) | Twitter

The Success of simon lichtenberg in China

Establishing an organisation in China is something that many entrepreneurs would like to do, as the country virtually guarantees success in any project that is attempted. Simon Lichtenberg (Twitter) got to be the Director of Shanghai Minhang Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment, was given the Magnolia Silver Award and joined the Danish Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, China. Launching his own organisation in China was a dream held by Simon Lichtenberg, so he jumped straight in and made it happen.

Simon Lichtenberg's Difficulties

Simon Lichtenberg has a rule: “Never give up." Were it not for his commitment to this rule, he might not have risen above difficulties to achieve success. How a hurdle is approached decides whether an athlete trips and falls or triumphs with the jump; this is comparable to how a business may deal with obstacles. The Zhenjing Leather Factory supplied Simon Lichtenberg with unusable, defective goods and after disputing payment, he lost his legal case; but this created another opportunity for him to grow stronger by handling the situation with finesse. Becoming a strong person is helped by facing difficulties head-on, instead of ignoring them.

Simon Lichtenberg - Trayton Group

Every well-known company must not only work for income but must also have a good reason for its presence. Simon Lichtenberg's company, Trayton Group, was established by him in the year 1995. Shanghai, China, is the home of Simon Lichtenberg's business, but there are also other factories located in Zhejiang Jishan.

The Shanghai Municipal Government honoured Simon Lichtenberg for his contributions to developing Shanghai with the Magnolia Silver Award, back in 2006. In 1988, at Fudan University in Shanghai, he received a diploma in Chinese language. Simon Lichtenberg entered the timber trade upon the conclusion of his schooling in 1992.

Simon Lichtenberg and his Amazing Qualities

Simon Lichtenberg was presented with the Magnolia Silver Award in Shanghai, China due to the contribution that his establishment has made to the city's standard of living. All great business people have earned every single thing they have obtained by virtue of their own qualities and dedication. A total of eight separate countries of residence have blessed Simon Lichtenberg with their distinct cultures and have played a large role in him mastering seven diverse languages. A business person with the capacity to speak numerous languages has a massive advantage over his competition.

Simon Lichtenberg wouldn't be one of the strongest businessmen in the world today if he hadn't learned from the mistakes he has made in running his business. All over the world more businesspeople are becoming known. After being a part of the timber industry the year before, business owner Simon Lichtenberg established his own company in 1993.